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Why Staff Augmentation?

Time + Cost Saving

Traditional hiring is both expensive and time consuming. The average recruitment process can take weeks or even months. PROJJEXX allows you to add and onboard a new member to your team within a matter of days.

Tailored to Your Needs

Handpick your team from a portfolio of CV’s to create a team to fulfil your exact requirements and tech stack needs. Most of our IT talent have worked in senior roles, which means they have at least 3 years of experience in their field.

No Geo Limits

Both within the it industry and externally, the remote working
model has gained popularity because of its success. Our developers are from Pakistan, fluent in English and have worked with a multitude of US, UK and European clients. They work according to your time zone and working hours.

No Additional Costs

Instead of hiring a full-time employee, staff augmentation allows you to only pay the hourly or daily rate of a developer, as and when you need them. No more annual salaries, benefits or lengthy hiring process.

Full Control Over the Dev

Once you finalise a contract with us, our staff are fully committed to you and your project. They work exclusively with you and your existing teams. You are in charge of their working hours and the resources they use. Just as if they were employed by you full-time.


Expanding your existing team means the ability to complete more projects and serve more customers. Both of which can drastically increase your revenue. Our competitive prices allow you to get the same output for a fraction of the price


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